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Tax Planning and Preparation

Small business tax return preparation is a core service offered to our clients.  Whether your company is Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Sole Proprietorship, we have prepared thousands of returns just like yours and have the expertise to make sure your return is the best it can be.

Fees for business taxes are higher than for individuals due to heightened complexity.  However we like to say that if we cannot find a way to save you more than we charge, then we are not doing our job right.

Setting Up a New Company

When you have a business idea, the best place to start is with a business plan.  We can assist with entity selection and can help organize a business plan based on realistic and accurate forecasts.  Bring us your best ideas and we’ll help you make them become reality

Payroll Services

Whether you choose to use our services or one of the many we recommend, we will help guide you through the process of legal and tax efficient ways of paying your employees.

Delinquent Payroll

One of the quickest ways to upset the IRS is to get behind on payroll tax.  Our general rule is, “Thou shalt not do thine own payroll.”  There are extensive penalties for those who have fallen behind.  If this has happened to you, please call us so that we can help get you back on track and minimize the potential damages.

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