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Responding to IRS Letters

The IRS is a prolific user of the postal system. Whenever you receive a correspondence from the IRS or the State, we ALWAYS recommend that you forward a copy to our office for review. You can fax to us at (435) 215-2043, e-mail it or just drop by our office in person.  We generally do NOT recommend that you contact the IRS yourself.  The IRS is the world's largest collection agency and if you contact them, they will ask you for personal information that may be used against you later.  One of the main reasons to hire The Tax Company is for the experience they bring in dealing with the IRS. We can take care of all communications with the IRS to make sure that you are not incriminated. 

We have a list of common IRS letters and what they mean located HERE on our blog.

Prepare and File Old Tax Returns

If you haven’t filed in a while, don’t worry.  You are in good company.  Although we ALWAYS recommend timely filing, for various reasons, many good honest people have unfiled returns.  The IRS will be lenient as long as we make a good faith effort to get current.  Ignoring the problem is usually not a good idea because if you don’t file a tax return, the tax code permits the IRS to file one for you.  This filing known as a Substitute for Return (or SFR) goes on your permanent record and the IRS can take collection action for money that you don’t even owe.  Don’t let this happen, let us help and if you are already facing this situation, give us a call.  Even if you’ve lost your records, our team of bookkeepers will employ the latest forensic accounting techniques to assist you in reconstructing your records.  We get it, things happen and we promise not to judge and even offer discounted rates on getting you caught up.

Helping Resolve Back Taxes

If you owe the IRS, but cannot afford to pay, make sure to file your return anyway.  The penalties for not filing are 5x greater than the penalties for not paying.  You should also be aware that the IRS surprisingly willing to work with you. They have several programs available to help people get current on their taxes.  Let us help you figure out which ones you qualify for and find a solution that fits your budget and helps you sleep at night.

We Can Help Prevent IRS Levies

There is nothing quite so violating as having IRS freeze your bank account.  Once this happens, it can be very difficult to undo, but it is possible.  Better yet, our experts can help prevent it from happening in the first place

Represent You in an Audit

Every American Taxpayer is protected by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights which includes the right to representation by a competent tax professional. Our firm has some of the most qualified representatives anywhere standing ready to assist you in the event of an audit.  Whether the audit is by mail or in person, our experts can assist you all the way through the appeals process if necessary. 

We are there every step of the way and promise to be fair and honest in our assessment of your case and will never take a case just to generate fees.

Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Less than 2% of cases end up in tax court and tax attorney rates can be as much as five times what we charge.  Worse yet, many who advertise on TV and radio are scams who do little or nothing to resolve your case.  Others send letters that resemble official IRS correspondence but are really just propaganda.  Don’t become a victim, give us a call first and if the services of a competent attorney become necessary, we can recommend one at a reasonable rate.

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