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Why Should You Use the Tax Company?

Access to tax professional expertise.
The tax laws are constantly changing and more than ever, it pays to have an expert in your corner.
We provided a step-by-step review of your tax return so you can understand the "WHY" behind the numbers.

Our tax professionals receive extensive training to remain up-to-date with all IRS regulations and Tax Credits to get the best returns possible.

Our business has been open since 1998, bringing experience in preparing tax returns, including all 50 states!!!

100% Accuracy.  If you incur a penalty as a result of something we did, we guarantee to make it right.

Local and Convenient
Our office is open year-round.

The Tax Company offers free e-file and free direct deposit, so you get your refund FASTER!

Cost.  Our rates start as low as $210 for a basic return.  
(We don’t add hidden fees for extras such as e-filing.   Businesses are a bit more but bring your info for a no obligation consultation and we’ll give you a quote before starting work.)

Five star rating on Google.  See what others are saying here.
What To Bring To Your Tax Appointment?

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