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At The Tax Company, we provide tax services to the residents of St. George and surrounding communities.  We have a niche in the tax market somewhere between retail tax preparation firms and the large, high priced CPA firms.  The nature of our business is seasonal, with most of our business being done in the first few months of the year.  Our industry can be hectic during the busy season, but we try to maintain a pleasant, non-threatening environment for our staff and our clients.  It is to this end that we present you with the following items that should help keep our workplace comfortable and our office experience rewarding.

The attributes we value are:

Intelligence:  High IQ and problem-solving skills. 

  • We value the ability to think for ourselves and understand difficult concepts. 

  • We always maintain professional standards of education and love of learning.


Organization:  Managing ourselves with integrity. 

  • Accounting means being precise, checking every box, and double-checking our numbers. 

  • We are self-starters who manage our time and priorities effectively.

  • Everyone is dedicated to our own success as well as the success of the company.


Innovation:  Thinking independently and being open to new ideas. 

  • Identify solutions and bring new ideas.


Kindness:  A good personality, courteous to others, with the ability to empathize. 

  • Know the value of humor and how to use it appropriately. 


Things to know about working at The Tax Company:

Pay Scale:        Everyone is compensated in the matter that most fairly suits both the employee and the company.  Specific questions regarding this topic should only be discussed with your immediate supervisor.

Pay Period:      The regular pay periods will be from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the last day of the month, with respective pay days on the 5th and the 20th.


Insurance:        As required by state law, you are covered by both unemployment insurance and workers compensation insurance from the time you start working.


Benefits:          No Health insurance or Retirement benefits offered at this time.


Hours:             Hourly employees need to clock in and out via provided time clock.  Employees must be on time for their respective duties. Repeat offenses are grounds for termination. 


Breaks:            Labor standards permit employees a 15 min break for every four hours of work.  Since the office environment lends itself to natural cycles of busy and slow time, breaks will not be required.  If you feel you need any breaks to take care of personal items you are welcome to.  You are permitted more than the 15 minutes, but please take it at an appropriate time and clock out. Lunch breaks are also permitted regardless of hours worked but are also not paid.


Overtime:        We pay overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Professional staff and management are the exception to overtime pay.  That is time and a half on anything over 40 hours per week.  Any overtime should be preapproved by management.


Vacation:         Vacation and sick days are not paid.  We are, however, flexible with time off for family activities and other important events.  We just ask that you give 2 weeks’ notice to your immediate supervisor and post your absence in the calendar. 


Privacy:           Accounting professionals are privy to a lot of personal and private information about our clients.  The dissemination of this information is governed by IRS Circular 230 as well as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which states that we are prohibited from giving our clients personal information without their express permission.  For example:  If a son comes in to pick up a copy of his father’s tax return, we must first call the father to obtain permission.  A former spouse is entitled to any return that was filed jointly but are NOT entitled to copies of separately filed returns.   All client files and client lists are property and responsibility of the Tax Company and should not be accessed or removed from the premises without permission and every employee will be required to sign and abide by a written non-disclosure agreement. 


Discounts:       All Tax Company employees receive tax preparation services free of charge.  Using our system to provide tax services for your immediate family members is also permitted but is to be done on your own time.  Other friends and extended family will need to pay for services but may be given a 25% discount as pre-approved by management.


Music:             Music may be played at one’s workstation, but volume should be kept low and the genre appropriate for the office environment.


Dress:              High professional standards should be maintained in the office in relation to behavior and dress.  The minimum dress code will be business casual.


Computers:      The computers in our office area and essential part of our company and down time can be very costly both in terms of hardware and missed work.  You are free to customize your system in any way you like, but any software installed should be directly work related and should not compromise the integrity of the system.  More specifically, there are to be no games of any kind or file sharing on our office computers. 


Cell Phones:    Accessing personal cell phones during work hours is permitted provided there are no customers present and it does not interfere with other work duties.


Termination:    The State of Utah is an at will state, which means that one can quit or be fired without any prior notice.  Despite this, we promise to extend the highest of professional and personal courtesy in the event it becomes necessary to terminate the employment of one of our staff members.  We ask the same courtesy in return that a 2-week notice be given prior to separation to provide time to hire and train a replacement staff member.

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